Tru-Image™ Features

Tru-Image™ is Safer

Round cones have been used on dental x-ray units since the 1920’s. Although they restrict the beam somewhat, they are actually MUCH larger than the receptor. So there is a lot of UNNECESSARY x-ray dose to the patient, both directly and through scatter radiation. This scatter not only adds to the patient dose, but also reduces the image quality because some of it reflects back to the image receptor as noise.

Tru-Image™ reduces the beam diameter to a rectangle which is only slightly larger than the image receptor. This reduces dose to the patient’s skin surface (and deeper structures, including the thyroid) and minimizes scatter radiation. This results in the patient receiving less x-ray dose, and you getting better diagnostic image quality!

In addition, the magnets used in Tru-Image™ stabilize the image receptors physically to the x-ray generator, contributing to dramatically reduced numbers of retakes due to cone cuts and angulation errors. This saves staff and operator time plus frustration! Highly visible green LED lights let you know instantly that your alignment is perfect and you’re ready to go!

Tru-Image™ is Better

The most remarkable benefit of Tru-Image™ is the improved diagnostic quality of conventional film X-ray images. By drastically reducing scatter radiation and collimating the beam, the images, regardless of machine, or use of film and even phosphor plates, are clearer and crisper. This translates into improved patient care with better image quality.

Earlier, more precise diagnosis of dental problems improves patient care.

Lower dose and better images: a WIN-WIN for both doctor and patient!

Tru-Image™ is Faster

Tru-Image™ retrofits to any round cone with a diameter of 2.25 to 3 inches. There's no need to remove the existing cone. Simply slide the Tru-Image™ on and tighten. It installs in seconds.

Tru-Image™ drastically reduces staff training time. Because Tru-Image™ signals when the beam and receptor are in exact alignment, even a novice can take perfect images in just minutes.

Tru-Image™ uses the most common film/sensor holders by Rinn and Flow. There's no change in technique with Tru-Image™.

The Tru-Image™ magnetic alignment ring ensures perfect alignment and no guess work - no cone cuts. When the alignment ring is EXACTLY aligned with the x-ray beam, the green light ring will illuminate, indicating a perfect image every time!