Why Tru-Image™?

Tru-Image™, the next generation of the award-winning Tru-Align™, incorporates rectangular collimation which greatly reduces scatter radiation, resulting in clearer, crisper images with greatly improved image resolution. It's patented alignment system turns your position indicating device into a position locking device!

Using Tru-Image™ with your x-ray head results in a 60-70% reduction in scatter radiation exposure to your patients, and give your patients peace of mind in knowing they are receiving the absolute best in care.

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What Do I Need?

Tru-Image™ is designed to work with a Rinn-style holder system. We recommend the Rinn XCP, XCP-DS, and XCP-DS FIT systems. Flow RAPD and Gendex holder systems are also supported.

The Rinn XCP-ORA system is supported for bitewing and posterior images, but not for anterior images. In order to take anterior images with Tru-Image™, you'll need to use the standard Rinn XCP anterior arms.

Tru-Image™ is compatible with nearly every x-ray head, supporting those x-ray heads that have cones with an outside diameter of 2.25 to 3.00 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If digital sensors reduce radiation by 80 to 90% as claimed, why should I care about the additional radiation reduction provided by Tru-Image™?

Find the answer to this question and others on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Dale A. Miles, DDS: "Dentists know they should be using the fastest receptors and rectangular collimation. This fact is now well documented in the latest NCRP Guidelines. Now they can do this simply with Tru-Align. Even if they are still using film, this device will reduce exposure dramatically as they transition to digital receptors. ..." Read More...

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A wealth of research on the Tru-Image™, including research papers, white papers, and peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of Dental Radiology, including research from the National Academy of Science, the American Dental Association and the FDA.

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Special Report

Read the special report on rectangular collimation

A special report on the benefits of rectangular collimation.

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