Tru-Align Features

Tru-Align is Safer

A round cone acts like a shotgun so radiation exits the cone in a spreading patters. Approximately 10% of the beam actually hits the receptor. Many photons are scattered into the patient's tissues or reflected back onto the receptor as "noise" or "fog", compromising the image resolution and diminishing the diagnostic quality.

Tru-Align acts like the scope on a rifle. The beam is only 2% larger than the receptor. There is almost no scatter effect ... noise ... resulting in clearer, crisper images with greatly improved image resolution.

Tru-Align beeps and flashes when its LED laser alignment system determines the target receptor is in perfect alignment with the photon beam, eliminating cone cuts and retakes.

Tru-Align is Better

The most remarkable benefit of Tru-Align is the improved diagnostic quality of the x-ray image. By drastically reducing scatter radiation and collimating the beam, the images, regardless of machine or receptor type, are clearer and crisper and contain greater information. This translates into improved patient care and increased practice revenue.

ROI ... One new periodontal case each month or one additional Class II restoration weekly equites to several thousand dollars in additional treatment income annually.

Earlier, more precise diagnosis of dental problems improves patient care.

See more - earn more! Tru-Align can pay for itself in a matter of weeks!

Tru-Align is Faster

Tru-Align retrofits to any round cone with a diameter of 2.5 to 3 inches. There's no need to remove the existing cone. Simply slide the Tru-Align on and tighten. It installs in seconds.

Tru-Align drastically reduces staff training time. Because tru-align signals when the beam and receptor are in exact alignment, even a novice can take perfect images in just minutes.

Tru-Align uses the most common film/sensor holders by Rinn and Flow. There's no change in technique with Tru-Align.

Laser-guided alignment! The internal LED laser ensures perfect alignment and no guess work - no cone cuts. When the laser and ring reflector are EXACTLY aligned, the ring magnetically connects, the green lights on the front edge activate, and the unit beeps, indicating a perfect image every time!