In this morning's News, you may have heard about a new study linking dental x-rays to an increased risk in developing eningioma brain tumors. Here's a sample of today's coverage:

News like this, and the extensive media coverage, may have you fearful and apprehensive about the dental x-rays you have made.

While we can't comment on the validity of the quoted study, we can tell you that dental x-rays are very safe, and there are ways and products to make them even safer. The Tru-Align laser-aligning collimator, a simple device that attaches to your dentist's x-ray machine, does just that by reducing your exposure to scatter ionizing radiation by up to 70%. Your dentist is very likely also using faster x-ray film or digital x-ray sensors; both require and use much less radiation. Your dentists may also use rectangular collimation, Thyroid collars and lead aprons for added protection.

If you're a patient, find out more about how Tru-Align benefits your overall health, and be sure to ask your doctor if they have the Green Ring.

And, if you're a dentist, read more about Tru-Align and how it can benefit your office as well as your patients.