Improving the Atmosphere: Tru-Align System

I have used Tru-Align for some time now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Prior to using this technology, retakes were often needed, images weren’t as clear as I wanted them, and the radiation from the x-rays wasn’t exactly where I wanted it.

Not all dentists use the reasonable means available to reduce the amount of radiation that takes place when it’s time to perform an x-ray. Sure, everyone uses the lead bib to block radiation but it only does so much. Making sure radiation is handled correctly is important for everyone’s health and has always had my full attention. In recent years, dental x-rays have been associated with the risk of developing meningioma, the most commonly diagnosed brain tumor in the country.

It is important that we take every precaution to ensure our patients’ safety regarding radiation issues. I’ve done just that by using Tru-Align to eliminate any radiation problems that other dentists have experienced. My patients love how quick and efficient their x-rays have become. The images have never been clearer and had such a high image resolution.

The rectangular shape of the device, which reminds me of the radar guns you see police officers use to catch speedy drivers, has eliminated prior scatter radiation that would reflect back as noise. This often compromised the image quality and weakened the diagnostic quality. I’ve seen a 70% reduction in radiation exposure through Tru-Align. My main goal when I adopted this new technology was to reduce possible health risk and the lack of clarity of our x-ray results. Creating a safer atmosphere for my patients and improving the overall health risk associated with using radiation has never been easier because of Tru-Align.

Using Tru-Align has improved productivity around the office and has benefitted not only my patients’ health, but my own. I enjoy how the beam detects the correct area and allows the scope to scan the designated area. Using radiation technology can be dangerous to anyone’s health, but with Tru-Align I know I can trust the technology and its efficiency. This technology has helped to improve my practice and patient care tremendously and I recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve the quality and safety of their practice.

Dr. Angela Bateson, DDS has been practicing general dentistry in Findlay, Ohio since 1995. She strives to meet the needs of the dental community as a whole and provide them with exceptional dental care that can fit into their life style and budget. Learn more at