This week Kathy Kincade at Dr. Bicuspid sat down with Stuart White, DDS, PhD to discuss the growing concern among dentists and their patients over radiation exposure.  His focus was on what dentists can do to insure patient safety.  He provided several very smart ways to reduce exposure to radiation among hygienists, dentists and staff in the interview including this point on rectangular collimation:

Use rectangular collimation to support the film. These devices further reduce patient exposure to less than half that received by conventional round collimation.

He also covered the importance of ALARA:

The guiding principle of radiation protection is ALARA: All exposures should be as low as reasonably achievable.

IDI delivers a rectangular collimation solution that is grounded in the ALARA principle.

A very interesting analysis of the radiation concerns over cone-beam CT is also covered later in the article.