We had an incredible time at the CDA in Anaheim this week and would like to thank everyone who stopped by to learn more about Tru-Align.

We were lucky enough to have some of the biggest KOLs in dentistry taking a keen interest in our product, including Dr. Larry Emmott, who stopped by and was kind enough to blog about the Tru-Align.  Here's an excerpt from his post:

The collimator reduces scatter radiation and improves image quality. Reducing scatter reduces patient exposure. This is great for those patients who are worried about radiation.

The aiming device uses lasers and magnets to perfectly align the cone and the sensor. When it is aligned properly it beeps and snaps into place, even a rookie can take perfect radiographs with virtually no retakes.

How was your CDA?  Let us know if you had a chance to stop by the booth and if you have any questions in the comments below.